Niki Hare is a diverse visual artist whose work revolves around ideas of existence and vision. “I paint in order to stave off the nausea” she says. The work dissects and explores the world she has suddenly found herself in. There is a focus on detailing and observation. “The world is paused, broken down into layers, shuffled, pushed back together and sent on its way. Nothing is static, there is a sense of the temporary, imbalance, discomfort.”. From the artist's eye everything is viewed from all angles, broken down into frames, maps, diagrams, aerial views. There is a focus on both what is there, but also the spaces between, what could be there. Combining murky observation with a sense of painting from the inside out, these works act as portraits and an investigation of the self.

A Tewkesbury resident for many years, Niki Hare has only started exhibiting this year, already taking part in three shows in Bristol, as well as a video and photography show in Cologne, Germany and is currently involved with internet collage projects being shown in the USA. Her work uses a large range of mediums from paint and collage through to photography and video.

She also makes a mean vegetable handi and has a tendency to skip half the planet on a card playing whim.

about Niki